Our Technologies

X-ray tests

Dental X-ray tests are performed using the latest digital x-ray system. This modern system reduces the amount of radiation even 5 times, therefore, dental images can be made even for pregnant women. Digital X-ray system immediately transfers the image to computer and allows to see it on screen – the image can be viewed, enlarged,…

New – digital CEREC 3D technology

In order to maximize the quality of services, our clinics uses theglobally recognizeddental technology CEREC CAD/CAM. Furthermore,“Užupio odontologijos centras” is one of the first to apply this technology in practice in Lithuania. CEREC 3D technology is special by the fact that it includes computer-aided design (CAD) and highly precise computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system. This treatment…


WHAT IS BIODENTINE™? It is biologically active substitute of dentine. WHEN IS BIODENTINE™ USED? This material helps to maintain the vitality of teeth longer. When Biodentine is used for treatment, endodontic treatment is delayed or avoided. The latest technologies led to increased demands on quality of endodontic treatment. One of the most important inventions, a…