It is biologically active substitute of dentine.


This material helps to maintain the vitality of teeth longer. When Biodentine is used for treatment, endodontic treatment is delayed or avoided.

The latest technologies led to increased demands on quality of endodontic treatment. One of the most important inventions, a microscope, is a necessity in modern dentistry: it helps to effectively treat the root canals, to detect calcified root canals, and to correct the complications of the unsuccessful treatment.

Inappropriate treatment of dental root canals often results in infections that persist throughout the body. Root canal infection spreads into the surrounding tissues and causes jawbone destruction. If no treatment is performed, this tooth must be removed. Only a microscope allows a professional to be sure that the treatment of dental root canals is faultless. The microscope, made by German manufacturer Carl Zeiss, helps us to achieve the precise results.

If you heard the verdict that a painful tooth should be removed, do not hurry. We recommend consulting with endodontic professionals – it might be that your tooth can be saved.