In order to maximize the quality of services, our clinics uses theglobally recognizeddental technology CEREC CAD/CAM. Furthermore,“Užupio odontologijos centras” is one of the first to apply this technology in practice in Lithuania.

CEREC 3D technology is special by the fact that it includes computer-aided design (CAD) and highly precise computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system.

This treatment methodology helps to make ceramic restorations –onlays, crowns, laminates and partial crowns –in a firm, precise, and aesthetic manner. In this way, the most effective dental restoration results are achieved within the shortest possible time of treatment.


The damaged part of a tooth is polished, and then CEREC camera scans your tooth. Highly precise laser scanner CEREC Omnicam is used for digital impressions. This method is extremely fast and convenient. Upon obtaining the scanned information, the restoration for your tooth is created.

If information is insufficient for this action, the hardware and software itself provides suggestions for the damaged tooth shape and other parameters. Once the restoration is modelled on a computer, accurate data are sent to the milling equipment. 10-15 minutes later, the precise restoration, ready to be bond in place, is cut from a ceramic block.

The made restoration is remeasured, painted, polished, and bonded.


This type of restoration is extremely precise and fast – the restoration is made and bonded within 3-4 hours, therefore, it may be done during one visit. What is more, this ceramic restoration is close to the structure of tooth tissues, is characterized by rigidity and aesthetics.