Our technologies

The highest work results are guaranteed by experience and the most advanced technologies: prosthetics is performed by using the CEREC technology, ensuring the best results, the endodontic treatment is performed by using a microscope, the radiographs are made with even 5 times lower radiation. Finally, Biodentine is used to maintain the vitality of the teeth, significantly affected by caries.

X-ray tests

Dental X-ray tests are performed using the latest digital x-ray system. This modern system reduces the amount of radiation even 5 times, therefore, dental images can be made even for pregnant women. Digital X-ray system[...]

New – digital CEREC 3D technology

  In order to maximize the quality of services, our clinics uses theglobally recognizeddental technology CEREC CAD/CAM. Furthermore,“Užupio odontologijos centras” is one of the first to apply this technology in practice in Lithuania. CEREC 3D[...]


  WHAT IS BIODENTINE™? It is biologically active substitute of dentine. WHEN IS BIODENTINE™ USED? This material helps to maintain the vitality of teeth longer. When Biodentine is used for treatment, endodontic treatment is delayed[...]